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Professional Theatre festival in Newfoundland operating from Gander and Twillingate.
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For more than a decade Beyond has been a leader in the development of professional theatre in the central and north eastern regions of Newfoundland and Labrador.  This past season Beyond celebrated the 10th anniversary of their summer theatre festival

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  • The Gills in Old Christmas Stockings
    The Gills in Old Christmas Stockings

    The Gills return with a new Christmas show featuring some classic Christmas moments.

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  • Penning the Carol by Aiden Flynn
    Penning the Carol by Aiden Flynn

    The play supposes that Scrooge and the accompanying cast of characters are created in a session of intense writing and storytelling on Christmas Eve, 1843. An imaginative take on the classic tale.

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  • Fergus O'Byrne and Jim Payne
    Fergus O'Byrne and Jim Payne

    Two of Newfoundland’s most respected performers combine instrumental prowess and humorous repartee to present a wonderful program of Newfoundland folk culture, including traditional Christmas Carols, on a variety of instruments.

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  • Beyond's Christmas Extravaganza
    Beyond's Christmas Extravaganza

    Join the young students of Beyond and some of your favourite Gills characters for an adventure in the North Pole.

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  • Beyond Youth Music Recital
    Beyond Youth Music Recital

    Join us for an incredible display of young talent. These recitals are important components of our training program and provide invaluable performance opportunities for our students.

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  • The Gills in A Woman's World
    The Gills in A Woman's World

    The continuing adventures of The Gill family. Dini finds her place in "A Woman;s World."

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  • Beyond - Youth Music
    Beyond - Youth Music

    Youth Music courses at Beyond offer training opportunities in Piano and Voice.

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  • Youth Theatre
    Youth Theatre

    Productions courses for students between the ages of 8-18.

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Activities at Beyond

Summer Theatre Festival

Join us in Twillingate and Gander for our 2015 Summer festival season from May-September.

Youth Theatre

Summer theatre camps and Fall/Winter sessions are offered for students between the ages of 8-18.

Youth Music

Piano and voice training for young students aimed at building confidence and self-awareness in addition to musical ability.

Special Events

Touring shows plus conference and special event entertainment.

Beyond’s Mandate

Beyond The Overpass Theatre Company, Inc. is a not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to providing new and established artists with an opportunity to develop their craft while producing contemporary theatre in a rural environment. Beyond is passionately committed to advancing opportunities and experiences for artists through the presentation of plays from around the world and through the development of new, indigenous work.

By promoting and encouraging the unique potential and talent of each artist, and by presenting material that is current and moving, the organization aims to continually develop artistic practice in Newfoundland and Labrador.